Sunday, January 25, 2009

Con el cariño de siempre…

He’s the Osito Bimbo (Bimbo Bear) and he’s the corporate mascot of  Bimbo: one of the largest food companies around the world, founded in Mexico 64 years ago.

Some time ago, it was customary for them to give little plush bears in the shape of their mascot, in exchange for some Bimbo bread wrappings plus a small amount of money. This one has at least 10 years old, maybe 15 (I don’t recall exactly). They still have neat promos but nothing like giving little plush Bimbo bears like they used to. If you are lucky enough to find one of those old bears, they are in pretty bad condition for being played with several times, or they lack some pieces like the little bread loaf, the apron or the hat.

This little bear is in excellent condition, which is amazing considering the age. The last time I saw one of those for sale, he went up to $50 dollars, and this one costed me just a dollar and half!! Pretty neat, huh?

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sam_gnr said...

hi i have one of those, i dont even remember it has a bread loaf under the arm,and as you said it is not in pretty good conditions but it still rocks my world, i carry it around anywhere i go, it is like my teddy bear. it doesnt have any more the big red B on the front or the browm marks in the hands but i love it jejeje nice your comment keep it on