Sunday, October 25, 2009

Applause Roger Rabbit Catalog

If you spend a lot of time browsing eBay as me, you can easily find a lot of Roger Rabbit related merchandising, media and some rarities… But this is the first time I see something like this:

Yup: that’s the catalog from Applause (a toy, plush and gift company now owned by Russ Berrie and Company): one of the companies that sold Roger Rabbit licensed items like plushies in all available sizes, mugs, figurines, stationery and keychains, among another items. The front cover features the almost mythical Roger Rabbit life-size plush (very hard to get, even in those days when the movie was premiered), and you can see through its pages some of the most known merchandise about the zany bunny and his film.

Oh, I forgot: if you want to bid in that catalog, then click on the following link:

(This link may not be working after October 2009)

Since this catalog was only given to retailers, you can imagine how hard must be to get one of those! As for me, I own several Applause Roger Rabbit plushies (some small, one mid-sized, another one a little bigger, and one with suction cups) and figurines =3


Alexander said...

I always wanted one of those life-sized dolls, but never found them. I knew they existed cause I had seen them on TV

Bunnyfriend said...

I also want one of those. Last time I saw one at eBay, they were selling him for $200 dollars or so (plus S&H of course). They´re quite hard to get, though :(

Michelle said...

I still have my original life size roger rabbit doll. I purchased it at Disneyland. Kept it in plastic. Anyone interested in it?
- Michelle