Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hoskins says: “Roger Rabbit drove me mad”


We all Roger Rabbit fans know a little about Bob Hoskins’ hallucinations with cartoons after filming “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. But right now, after 21 years of the movie premiere, he talks openly about them:

“The voice of the rabbit was there just behind the camera all the time, you just had to know where the rabbit would be at all times, and Jessica Rabbit and all these weasels. The trouble was, I had learnt how to hallucinate. If you do that for eight months it becomes hard to get rid of.”

OK! Magazine - Hoskins: "Roger Rabbit drove me mad"

No wonder why he didn’t want to get involved in another cartoon movie after WFRR (although he played Mario in that horrible “Super Mario Bros.” movie, and he’s giving his voice and acting to one of the main characters in “Disney’s A Christmas Carol”).

Maybe that’s the real reason he refused to appear in a possible Roger Rabbit sequel, if it’s ever filmed.

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