Thursday, October 1, 2009

Roger Rabbit Conceptual Poster 2

Remember the prototype poster I’ve featured in one of our past entries? In that one, I mentioned another variation of that poster, and even made my guesses about it posting another conceptual design…

Well, I was wrong. This one is the real variation of that poster:

As the last time, the auction can be found at eBay:

eBay - ORIGINAL Disney Painting Roger Rabbit STEVEN CHORNEY
(the link may not work if you’re reading this after October 2009)

Although this one is just the painting without any logos or lettering, it's still an awesome illustration. Anyway, it wasn't used for the final version of the theatrical poster (which as we already know, features a Roger Rabbit silhouette made with 35mm. film, that has embedded some promotional stills from the movie) maybe because it looked too "childish".

P.S. The other painting is already sold, so I guess this one won't last for long =3

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