Saturday, October 31, 2009

More RR Sequel News: There’s a new script!


Yes, I know this has been very exhausting for all of us. And I feel like tired while writing this entry, since I don’t really know if this time Zemeckis and his gang are finally getting serious with the much-delayed Roger Rabbit sequel…

But as the owner of Toontown Antics, it’s my duty to keep all of you informed. Hear Robert Zemeckis about this, and get your own conclusions:

"There's a script that's being developed. We've got the original writers that are working on it now — Seaman and Price."

MTV Movie News Exclusive: 'Roger Rabbit' Writers Working On Sequel, Robert Zemeckis Says

This time I’ll keep my comments to myself. Don’t want to get over-excited again, just for watching all my hopes being shattered like the past times.


Alexander said...

Hmm.. Interesting. He doesn't give us much info on this, but it's better than nothing I guess. The fact that he has writers working on it makes a bit optimistic though. Still, as you said I am gonna curb my enthusiasm until we get more info on this to avoid being let down again.

Bunnyfriend said...

MTV Movies News will be releasing more info about this project during this weekend, so maybe we could wait for them =3