Wednesday, January 21, 2009



Some weeks ago I watched the newest animated feature from Disney: Bolt. And I must say I was very pleased at the end of the movie. It’s a really sweet and funny movie, maybe it’s not Pixar caliber, but it’s still good on its own.

The characters have a lot of charisma and it’s impossible not falling in love with Bolt, Mittens, Rhino or Penny; maybe there’s a couple of them that are just playing their roles without adding anything else to the story (for example, Rhino the hyperactive Bolt fanboy and the pigeons that can’t figure who Bolt really is) but as a whole they work together very well.

As every Disney movie, Bolt has a lot of messages about friendship, believing in ourselves and keep going even if things are against us, and the moral of the story kinda ruins the ending of the movie since it’s a little too sugary and sweet. But the action sequences -in which Bolt don’t realizes he’s just playing a character in a TV show- are frantic and awesome. And some of the gags are funny as hell (fortunately, there isn't a gag abuse as in many other recent Disney features, and they help to keep the story running).

If you haven’t seen Bolt yet, you can still try to catch it at your local cinema, or wait for the DVD release until April. If you decide to wait for the DVD and you’re living in Mexico, then go to your nearest Blockbuster Video store, because they’re giving cute little Bolt plush keychains with every preorder (you can secure your copy of Bolt with just $60 pesos, less than $6 dollars):

bolt01 bolt02

Don’t get fooled by the pictures: it’s somewhat huge for a keychain ;)

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