Saturday, January 17, 2009

More bunny slippers =3

My bunny slippers absolutely ROCK! In fact, they are so great, cute and comfy that I decided to buy more spare pairs, just in case:

morebunnyslippersThose are all the colors available, and I particularly like the orange ones because the color combination, but all of them are really kawaii and I can’t wait to slip my feet in them =3

morebunnyslippers2Fortunately, I got some of the last adult pairs since the ones that are left are just small sizes, like for little kids and young ladies. Yes, I know it’s weird buying footwear that’s more appropriate for ladies, and it’s even weirder wearing it, but I just love bunnies and having my feet warm, and I won’t be able to buy them until next year since spring is coming around the corner, and sandals are already in the shelves :)

P.S. I’m publishing this entry with Windows Live Writer =D


Andrerabbit said...

They looks really warm, Bunny-san. Orange is definitely cute <3

Bunnyfriend said...

They're really warm, Ayaka-chan. I haven't tried them yet since my first pair still has some kilometers left :)