Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jeepers! That's a runner rabbit!!

In my daily search of Roger Rabbit related news, sometimes I stumble upon very interesting stories that are in some way linked to the rabbit. This story is one of them:

I can't imagine running a full marathon dressed as Roger Rabbit, all fur and ears. But this man from England just did it every year, just for raising funds for Leukaemia research. Because that, he was honored by British Monarchy giving him the title of Member of the British Empire.

How did he got the idea of running as Roger Rabbit is unknown to me. The important thing is that he dressed as Roger for doing some charitable work, not only achieving a honorary title but also giving hope to people that has a strong will to keep living despite being ill.

Everything thanks to "the rabbit", as he says.


Andrerabbit said...

Cool. It's a good news even if his costume looks a little hot because of fir :D I wanna present him a lot of energy drinks. And I wonder if these ears can move.

Bunnyfriend said...

Yup, she looks like if he needs a full box of energy drinks; that costume might be hot as hell but looks funny and cute.