Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally, my bunny slippers!! (Well... Sort of)

I wanted a pair of bunny slippers so madly, that I begun developing a rather odd obsession about them. When I got the chance of buying them, I was low on cash. When I had the bucks, then I couldn't find them.

But finally, I got my warm and cuddly bunny slippers (well, sort of since they have little plush bunnies attached to them) and now I'm very very happy =3


Andrerabbit said...

Waaaa! Lucky for you, Bunny-san! I love the slippers' color, and, of course, I love the bunnies X3

Bunnyfriend said...

Thanks a lot, Ayaka-chan!

In fact, I love so much this cute slippers I´ll gonna buy 2 more pairs in different colors (orange and pink) =3

Alejandro said...

ah hahaha Cool!

Bunnyfriend said...

Yes Alex, know it´s a little uncommon to admit you wear baby blue bunny slippers when you´re a 28 years old adult, but I´m a little uncommon too XD

¿Está bien así o respondo en español? =3