Sunday, January 18, 2009



She’s the reason I always got myself in tears while watching Monsters Inc. Boo is a really cute, hyperactive and cheerful little toddler and how she and Sulley get along in such a close way makes me think Sulley cares about her like as a little girl of his own.

At the very end of the movie, when Mike gathered all the small chips from Boo’s closet door, and just needed the big chunk Sulley had with him for making it work, I always get that funny sensation on my eyes. But when Sulley pokes out of the door, and Boo recognizes him, I can’t help but cry. That’s the most touching moment in the entire movie, and makes you wonder about how many times Boo and Sulley got in touch after all those adventures they had. Many fanfictions have been written about this particular matter, but I think reading them maybe could kill my own guesses and driving me in another direction.

For that reason, I prefer thinking about them just as they are. In a timeless space, where Boo will be the same little toddler I love, and where Sulley will still care about Boo as “her little daughter”.

Sweet dreams, little Boo =3


Alejandro said...

hehehe.. mi nena, tambien se le sueltan las lagrimillas, al final, y lanza el grito que quiere ya la segunda parte de la película xDDD :D

Bunnyfriend said...

Híjole, de esta sí dudo mucho que saquen secuela... Pero creo que sería mucho mejor así, porque francamente he leido fanfics medio malitos en los que Boo ya es adolescente y se encarga de rescatar a los monstruos de mil cosas ¬¬