Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Roger Rabbit Conceptual Poster

Sometimes you can find a piece of history being auctioned at eBay. This time, I stumbled upon this unique piece of art, that seems to be a conceptual painting for the theatrical poster of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”:

The auction can be found in the following link:

eBay - ORIGINAL Disney Painting Roger Rabbit STEVEN CHORNEY
(the link may not work if you’re reading this after September 2009)

By the way, in that link is mentioned that exists another variation of this painting that was auctioned some time ago. I’m not really sure, but I guess this is the painting the seller talks about:

Notice how both of the posters feature Bob Hoskins and Christopher Lloyd names along with Roger Rabbit’s name, as the main actors in the movie. Also, those paintings bear the “Walt Disney Pictures” brand, instead of “Touchstone Pictures” (what reflects that those paintings were made on pre-production stages, or maybe along with development of the movie).

Although those paintings are great, I think the final theatrical poster was the most appropiate choice for promoting the movie. I mean: looking at those posters above makes me think about a fully animated movie, aimed to kids. The final poster really shows more of the true nature of the film, and looks more grown-up:

(By the way: I have this poster framed in my own room =3 )


Alexander said...

I think I remember seing these in some documentary or something. I have to agree with you, while they are good, the final version does work best. Also, Jessica looks like she's still in the early stages of her design. She has straps on her dress and her bodyshape seems less overdone that the film.

Bunnyfriend said...

Those paintings are sure interesting, as they show how the movie was being conceived. I´d like to know how people at Disney took the decision of discard those and then get another poster done, since they looked like ready to print.