Monday, September 14, 2009

Fanart doesn't get any better than this

Throughout the years I have been searching for various Roger Rabbit-related pictures. One find in particular that I discovered was the wonderful fanart of Paul Jaworski. This artist has done a bunch of drawings featuring Roger and Jessica in various comical situations. Below are some of the art he's done of our favourite couple. Often spoofing various movies. I like how he makes Roger cross-eyed in some of these, gives him a more wackier look.
For more, check out comicartfans or his deviantart page


Bunnyfriend said...

Neat update, Alexander!! The only issue I can notice with those fanarts, is related to Roger´s eyes: in some drawings, he looks quite cross-eyed, when actually one of his eyes is just slightly off-placed.

Alexander said...

Thanks Bunny!

MiK said...

Oh my goondness these are amazing!
I wish they make it into little shorts mmmm...^^

I wanted to post with dA name so I deleted old comment, but there's that 'remain'! gasp.
Could you remove it please? Hope it's not something Blogspot is forcing to be there.

Alexander said...

There ya go Miki, it's gone. And thanks for checking out our blog:)