Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feelin' blue

I have plenty of material for keeping "Toontown Antics" updated.

I have the support of my fellow friends Ayaka-chan, Alexander and a few followers.

I have the only active (not abandoned) Roger Rabbit blog in the whole web (besides RR Note).

But sadly I'm slowly losing my interest on "Toontown Antics" and, also, on Roger Rabbit.

Recently I had a bitter argument with some Toon Patrol weasels' fan, that made me think about being too much passionate with things you like. Many should know I really loved Roger Rabbit, quite literally. But that love became an unhealthy obsession, and that drove me to do some things I'm very ashamed of (so ashamed, I won't talk about them). A couple of weeks ago, I realized about my sick obsession with the rabbit, and I said goodbye to him. But now, I'm afraid to admit that I don't like the rabbit anymore. I mean: the movie is great and Roger is a zany and lovable character... But I'm slowly losing interest on him.

So... What should I do? I was considering to close this journal, but that would be like a betrayal to all those friends that supported me. I was considering passing it to someone else, but I'm not sure that person will keep it running and updated. Even I considered to abandon it, but then "Toontown Antics" would become another "Toontown Tattler".

That's why I'm feeling blue. Perhaps the Toon Patrol won, and they would end up killing the rabbit, as they desired.


Alexander said...

To bad to hear this. I could take over this blog if you want to, but I am not sure how frequently I would be able to update it. I hope you at least post the comic pages I took the effort to scan for you before you give up on the blog.
Another possibility could be that both me, you and maybe Ayaka try to update the blog. That way some work is taken of your shoulders.

Bunnyfriend said...

You and Ayaka-chan are my first choices, of course. But we need to talk seriously about this; maybe we can try to coordinate our efforts and keep running this journal.

What saddens me is that I really loved that rabbit. I tried to keep that feeling, but guess I´ve failed. Forgive me pal. Maybe I´m not a true RR fan after all.

tymime said...

Well, geez... don't give up on him just because of me. That's the LAST thing I wanted! Please don't lose hope. There's nothing wrong with being a Roger Rabbit fan.

I'm sorry if I caused this. If there's one I never want to do, it's crush someone's passion for something they love. People need something to be passionate about in order to find meaning in their life.

...Was I really so confrontational as all that? I really do blame myself for this...

Bunnyfriend said...

Tymime: I´ve already replied your e-mail. Sorry, but I have to block you from my e-mail accounts and my life.

I don´t hate you, but you did a lot of harm to me. Please refrain to visit this journal.

P.S. I´ll be closing the comments for this entry.