Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Roger Rabbit and Lady Di – Such a sweet moment

Youtube user DianaRemembered uploaded this very sweet moment, in which late Princess Diana (well known as Lady Di) met Roger Rabbit and Steven Spielberg at the UK premiere of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.

Roger looks quite anxious and at some point he tries to hug Lady Di, but she refuses the hug (I wonder why), which led Roger to feel very, very ashamed. I can’t quite understand the words Lady Di said to Roger (perhaps she’s saying “Please, no hugging, please”), but she was always smiling and looked happy to be there.

So, an angel meets another angel :’)

Thanks for sharing this video with us, DianaRemembered!


Alexander said...

Ha ha! Wonderful! This made my day. Great find Bunnyfriend. Poor Roger though

Bunnyfriend said...

Thanks a lot, Alexander =3

Yes, this is a very sweet moment. Still don´t know why Lady Di asked Roger to not hug her; maybe she felt a little overwhelmed o_0


With all due respect, I think Di should've just bit the bullet and accepted the sweet, cute and cuddly rabbit's hug.

I know I most certainly would've hugged him right off the bat.

Bunnyfriend said...

I´m agree with you Dizneyfan. Even if Roger chokes me, I would be glad to accept one of his sweet, tender hugs =3

rotten said...

Bahah this is adorable XD His shocked reactions are so cute!
I think Lady Di was a little scared of the costumed Roger. :/

Bunnyfriend said...

Yes Ayaka-chan, I thought the same. She was kinda overwhelmed by Roger and had a little fear of hugging him. Anyway this is a very cute scene, and how Roger reacts brings me a huge smile.

Guess I'm falling in love with Roger again =3