Sunday, September 13, 2009

Roger and Jessica Rabbit Cosplay Performances

As many of you might know, “Cosplay” (word which literally means “Costume Play”) is the most popular feature presentation in almost every single comic convention, and some cosplayers (people that dress themselves as their favorite characters and gets into contests for winning prizes or just for fun) are well known worldwide.

Today, I’m uploading a couple of cosplay sketches featuring Jessica and Roger Rabbit; one of those is from the “Anime Party 2009” held on Brazil, and the other one is from the “World Cyber Games 2009” on Venezuela (this one was filmed from two different angles):

Anime Party 2009 (Brazil)

World Cyber Games 2009 (Venezuela)

Hope you enjoy them!!


Alexander said...

I sure did enjoy them. Great update Bunny!

Bunnyfriend said...

Thanks for your support, Alexander! Hope to see some updates from you soon :D