Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A very big “THANK YOU“

I´ve had some very busy weeks at “Toontown Antics“. So many things happened to me in so very little time: those rumors about a new Roger Rabbit movie, the argument with the weasels´ fanboy, another load of arguments with some people that thought I was sick because loving Roger Rabbit a little too much, my farewell letter to Roger and my sudden decision to abandon this blog (which gladly I didn´t keep)... And some things I won´t write down here, that made me feel very ashamed and guilty.

Even with all those dramas, some persons were always there, supporting me and giving me their wise advice and kind words. They taught me some lessons about sticking to your own ideals, being true to your real self, and let things flow. The more important lessons were about going ahead even when things seem to be out of control, and to ignore people that cannot leave things behind. About loving what you do, because you really love it. About loving Roger Rabbit, because I really love him. Although I know very little about their personal beliefs and faith appreciation, I already know they´re not the kind of people that like to brag about their own beliefs, or tend to feel they´re “right“ while the rest are “wrong“... They´re just kind, nice persons that gave me their help and advice when I needed it. Persons that gave their hands to some stranger that needed a little push. Persons that I really love and estimate.

So, I´d like to thank you, Ayaka-chan. Also I´d like to thank you, Alexander. And of course, thanks also to you, Mikmix. Thanks, Daniel and Monica (both great friends in real life). Finally, thanks to Dr. Demente, Demyx, T-Sex, Benchwarmer and Rip Van Fizher from the Atomix Message Boards.

I really appreciate your kind, caring words and your great advice. Thanks to all of you, Toontown Antics is still up and running. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you a thousand times.

And also thanks to you, Roger Rabbit. I love you, sweet bunny <3

With some friends like you, no wonder why a single weasel couldn´t kill Roger Rabbit =3

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