Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Roger Rabbit’s Toontown issue 1 – Part 3

So… Here´s the third part of Roger Rabbit’s Toontown first issue. This time it features Jessica, and how she became the judge of Toontown’s beauty contest… You gotta read how this ends!! =D

Every thumbnail is clickable, and will open in a new window:

Again, thanks to Alexander for those scans! Soon I’ll upload Roger Rabbit’s Toontown issue 2 so you gotta stay tooned!!


Alexander said...

Ah nice, good of you to at least put these up before calling the quits.

Bunnyfriend said...

It´s the least I can do.

By the way, last night I was talking about my own issues with a fellow friend; she gave me a lot of advice and cheers that made me reconsider about my decision.

I´ll take a short hiatus after uploading your comic scans, but I´ll be back. Just realized that I still love Roger Rabbit, and he´ll be around for the rest of my life =3

Eber said...

¿Alguien podria decirme si aún se pueden encontrar estos cómics o si se llegaron a publicar en España?