Sunday, September 6, 2009

You NASTY Roger!! (mature audiences only)

In all this time I’ve been running this blog, I’ve found several things related to Roger Rabbit and his fellas…

But nothing.




(if you’re sensitive to parody drawings, or if you want to keep your wholesome image of Roger Rabbit, I suggest you to not click the following link. You’ve been warned.)


“Uncle Thumper often let young Roger play in his rabbit hole”


What’s the background behind that drawing? Supposedly, it’s one of several in-house drawings that were drawn/shared between the animators of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. Some of them were mostly internal jokes, although it seems that someone took those to the “innuendo” level.In fact, this particular drawing is being auctioned at eBay right now, without any warning about its content:

Roger Rabbit Animators ‘In-House’ Drawing / Photostat 
(the link may not work if you’re reading this after September 2009)

I must say I’ve seen some nasty stuff featuring Roger and Jessica, but this drawing tops them all  >.<

P.S. My purpose is gathering every tidbit of information and history related to Roger Rabbit, and since this is part of the creative process behind the movie (although a little gross), I decided to share it with all of you. If most find this drawing offensive (despite the warnings), I’ll delete this entry.


Mr. Kennedy said...

Ofensivo mis polainas!!! es lo más divertido que hayas puesto en años!!! jajajaja

Bunnyfriend said...

Ya lo sé, ya lo sé XD

Yo lo digo por mis demás visitantes; ya ves que hay algunos que se podrian espantar =0

Era lógico y natural que dibujaran esto durante la producción de la película; de hecho ya esperaba ver algo así y por fin se llegó el día =3

Alain said...

It's cute and funny! I love it!

- Aldi :-)